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So far this year I really like this blind. Here's a tour of it, and a tour of my apple tree plot.

This is not a channel about shooting big bucks. I don't discriminate–I'll shoot any legal deer. 😉

I want to help make YouTube the #1 place for quality hunting entertainment. I want to help spread the hunting lifestyle. To do that, I set up this channel to showcase the crossbow and help others film their hunts and get those videos online. So, subscribe to this channel to be entertained and learn more about crossbows and filming in the outdoors.

This channel is about my love of the crossbow, hunting, and the outdoors. I hunt almost exclusively with the crossbow. I love it. Sure, like a lot of kids, I started hunting with a good ol' Model '94 Winchester 30-30 back in the 80's, but drifted away from hunting when I went off to college, law school, and started a family. As my daughter got older, I regained my interest in the outdoors, and I consider myself lucky to hunt on the same property today that I hunted on as a kid. I got the Excalibur Axiom crossbow in 2010 and I haven't looked back. This channel is the result of combining my interest in filming and hunting…

…and music, too! My related channel, Yankee Militia, showcases my music. Some of the music is hunting-related, so check that out, too! The soundtrack for this channel is provided by my band, so the two are intertwined. The album for the current season is available wherever you download music online, and the Special Edition CD is available on

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Gear used by me (not necessarily in this video, but in general):

Excalibur Axiom, upgraded with a Dyna Flemish string and Vari-Zone scope from Excalibur–recurves are simply perfect!
Firebolt arrows with Burt Coyote Lumenocks
X-Act Broadheads (also from Excalibur)
Scent A-way products by Hunter's Specialties

Canon T5i (or 700D for you foreigners) DSLR camera
GoPro Hero 2, Hero 3 Black

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