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Review and Assembly of the Merax Indoor/Outdoor Wood Pet House shipped to our house from.

**Merax Wood Dog/Cat House:

For the price, you really can't beat it! It is easy to assemble, strong (if built correctly), has a great cedar smell to it, and is small enough for use in the house under a window.

Overall, really happy I found this for our dog, Martini, as she has really been enjoying the view out of the office window πŸ™‚


**Merax Wood Pet Houses & Hutch's:

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–SPECIFICATIONS of the MERAX Wood Dog House:

Size Details
Overall Size: 29"L X 21"D X 26"H
Door size:10.2"W X 11"H
Side Ladder: 21"L X 10.6"W
Balcony: 5.9"H


-VIDEO of Martini's Birthday Dinner 2016 – Stuffed Pepper's:

-VIDEO of Tini showing off her tricks!:

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DH300 – Large Dog House – How to build an Insulated Dog House – Dog House Plans
It is a step-by-step instruction to build an insulated dog house. It's easy to follow for even beginners. It's easy to build an insulated dog house. It's easy to do it yourself
This video is the Concept Plans. Detailed Plans for construction is being done. If you like these plans, please comment, I will make detailed plans immediately. If you wish to modify the plan better fits your desire, please comment. I'll modify it for you. Please say me what you want about these plans, I will respond quickly for your wishes. During this time, Concept Plans and Detailed Plan for construction is FREE for you. You can download them easily. Have a nice day! Wish you all the BEST! πŸ™‚
See Detailed Plans for Construction at:

DH300 has two rooms to cool in the summer, warm in winter,
to avoid the rain, wind and storm
1. System of walls, ceilings and floors are insulated.
They are composed of three layers:
– "Outer layer" is wooden to prevent rain, sunshine
– "Inner layer" is wooden for insulation and decoration
– "Middle class" is insulated panels
2. Windows and doors are anchored to walls by steel hooks
3. "Door for Cleaning" is only open when cleaning cages
4. Window system has two layers:
– layer 1: glass windows for light and prevent wind
– layer 2: wooden windows to retain heat when closed.
It makes the house warm in winter
5. Vents for indoor air convection they make indoor air clean.
In particular they reduce heat in summer
Overall size:
90" x 60" x 90" for House
125" x 80" for area of ​​the building

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How to potty train a dog. has the solution. The Potty Training Puppy Apartment has taken all the benefits of the most popular potty training methods and combined them into one magical device and potty training system. This device and system has revolutionized how modern puppies are potty trained. House training your puppy is just a click away. Potty training your puppy or dog has never been easier!

How to potty train a Dog – Dog potty training tips.
The Puppy Apartment has successfully potty trained over 50,000 dogs!
How to potty train a Dog – Dog potty training tips.
Potty training a puppy can be very time consuming and extremely frustrating. The Puppy Apartment is a one bedroom, one bathroom home that teaches and trains your puppy/dog to always go potty in their own indoor doggie bathroom. It eliminates the time and frustration out of potty training a puppy or dog. It also takes away all the stress of worrying about your dog having to potty!
How to potty train a Dog – Dog potty training tips.
This device and method are so unique, they are patent pending. This is the only type of dog crate in the world that includes our patent pending ROOM DIVIDERβ„’ which is the key element in making this a potty training device.
How to potty train a Dog – Dog potty training tips.
The Puppy Apartment takes the MESSY out of paper training, the ODORS AND HASSLES out of artificial grass training, MISSING THE MARK out of potty pad training and HAVING TO HOLD IT out of crate training. House training a puppy has never been faster or easier!
How to potty train a Dog – Dog potty training tips.
Our 47-minute Instructional DVD is the result of five years of intense research and development. We used thousands of successfully PTPA potty-trained puppies to help create the latest version of our Instructional DVD. Our system is so unique that it is patent pending. It is virtually impossible for the PTPA to work properly without first viewing and following our THREE levels of training in our Instructional DVD.
How to potty train a Dog – Dog potty training tips.
Below is a small example of what is featured in our latest version of the PTPA Instructional DVD:
Where is the best place in my home to put the PTPA?
What are the safety precautions?
What should I do the first few minutes when introducing my puppy to their new PTPA?
What are the different options of what to do the first night?
What are the THREE levels of training?
How can I teach my puppy to potty on command with the PTPA?
When and how are all three removable doors utilized?
How should I properly position the Room Divider?
Is it okay to have food and water in or near the PTPA?
What items are allowed inside the PTPA?
How much freedom should I give my puppy during Level 1 Training?
What is the fastest way to get my puppy through Level 1 Training?
What are the different potty pad strategies?
How often should I change the potty pad?
What is the best way to speak to my dog?
When should I put my puppy in their PTPA and when should I take them out?
When and how should I use training treats?
How do I use indoor leash supervision?
When do puppies normally have to potty?
How often do puppies potty at certain ages?
What are some rare situations that some dogs may encounter and the simple solutions?
What are the most frequently asked questions from dog owners?
When is the best time to add the optional PTPA Playpen?
When and how do I teach my puppy that it is okay to also potty outside?
What should I do with an older dog that has been potty trained in a different manner?
Why is exercise and playtime important?
What is the IGNORE your puppy technique?
When and how do I reward my puppy for good behavior?
What is the best way to correct my puppy from bad behavior?
How do I correct a dog that urine marks?
How do I address a dog with territorial issues?
What are the three solutions for male dogs that hike one leg when urinating?
How do I correct urination out of excitement?
What are the benefits of puppy stairs?
What should I do if I live in a large multi-story home?
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Please visit the website link at the top of this page for more information.

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The making of the dog house for my two dobermans. It came out better then I had planed, and the dogs love it πŸ™‚
I want to make it clear to everyone who thinks I built this for them to stay outside, I did not! I built the dog house and kennel so they can stay there when we leave the house for a few hours until we get back, so they don't tear up the house. The dogs normally stay in our house, and I even built them there own bed to sleep in our bedroom.

Here's the link to building my dog kennel:


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