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ProSelect Empire Color Cage for Pets Review –

ProSelect Empire Color Cage for Pets has been specially designed to host even the most aggressive dogs, providing owners the guarantee of a safe journey. Made out of top quality materials, the cage featured strong built-in latches that are well welded at the pressure points and a reinforced steel tubing structure. With this new product, transportation for restless dogs has suddenly become easier and simpler. Add the great price and you have the perfect product!
Main Characteristics of the ProSelect Empire Color Cage for Pets
• Weighing 75.2 pounds, the cage measures 38.5 x 31 x 8.3 inches for the outside dimension and 35/3/4 x 24-1/2 x 23-1/2 inches for the inside;

• The model is made out of 20-steel gauge, reinforced with steel tubes measuring ½ inch in diameter;

• It features welding at each stress point;

• It comes with dual latches for the door, made out of resistant metal;

• The ProSelect Empire cage has a anti-corrosive finish, in grey color shades;

• It comes with a steel floor tray and 4 locking casters;

• It is delivered fully assembled, the package also including a suggestive guide with instructions.
Positive Notes on the ProSelect Empire Color Cage for Pets
• Made out of top notch quality materials, this cage model has been built to provide a safe environment for the most aggressive dogs.

• Due to the reinforced steel structure and the sturdy door latches, the ProSelect Empire cage withstands the 'attack' of any dogs, making it practically impossible for the pet to escape.

• The floor grate can be easily removed for cleaning, while the removable casters add a plus of mobility.

• The metal has been treated against rust and corrosion and is nicely colored in hammertone.

• The model provides 100% protection due to the reinforced steel tubes and the welded stress points.

• It comes fully assembled, requiring no tools or further assembly operations.

• Considering the sturdiness of the structure and the smart design, this model is definitely a wise investment.
Negative Notes
As even the best products may have one small flaw or two, in relation with this cage, some customers have remarked the poor design. However, it must be mentioned that the cage has been designed to offer maximum of protection and not to be a decorative object, so this aspect should come second on the buyer's priorities list.
Clients' Feedback
According to the overwhelming majority of the clients, the ProSelect Empire Color Cage for Pets is definitely the perfect choice for anybody interested in travelling or securing their pets for a certain period of time. Easy to assemble and to move around, the ProSelect cage is worth every penny!
Extremely sturdy and very well-built, the ProSelect Empire Color Cage for Pets features smart characteristics and top quality materials, providing 100% comfort and protection and allowing an easy movement from one location to another, making an excellent acquisition for anyone.

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