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Life Stages Dog Crate & Cover – Product Review and Demonstration

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Life Stages Dog Crate & Cover – Product Review and Demonstration

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  1. What size is this?

  2. hollywoodfrodo

    July 15, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    The one we have is 42″ Long x 28″ Wide x 31″ Tall

  3. Thanks. By the way, good review!

  4. Great review, thanks. We purchased the double door life stages as it’s helpful to place the crate in between furniture without having to position it long ways out from the wall. Also good for the back of a hatchback/suv. However the divider panel won’t work too well unless using the standard ‘front’ door. No sense getting the double door if not needed though, adds about $20.

  5. hollywoodfrodo

    August 4, 2013 at 4:05 am

    Glad you liked the review. Yeah a side door could definitely be useful for some situations.

  6. do you have the crate cover link to purchase? 

  7. christian franco

    January 31, 2015 at 9:37 am

    if your dog was just a puppy do you believe this size crate would still have worked well for your dog?  i have a german Shepard pup about 7 weeks old and i am unsure if this size would be a problem for her?

    • Hi Christian – Get the MidWest Life Stages Crate that comes with the “extra panel” (I think they may all come with this).  This allows you to section off the cage so that it’s smaller while the dog is a pup and as she grows you move the panel to enlarge the cage until she’s big enough to remove it completely.

      I’m not a professional trainer by any means, but I believe the general consensus is that a crate should not be too big, that dogs prefer and do better when the crate is suited to their size so you could use the panel to make it the perfect size for your pup at each stage of her life until she is big enough to make use of the entire thing.

      Our dog still loves hers with the memory foam bed I mentioned in it, though I’d probably wait and buy the memory foam bed for the full size crate since that’s a small investment.

  8. My puppy was going nuts just put a cover over and almost instantly shut up amazing idea

    • Awesome – yeah, it triggers some instinctual thing in them – instead of a cage it becomes a cave or something to them…

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