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Keep Your Pets Comfortable in an Underground Dog House!

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If you are looking for a way to keep your pets warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, then you've got to watch this Green Tip!

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  1. Lucy!

  2. No way!!!! You should just run the heater for your dogs! It’s much more comfortable. If you keep it really hot, they won’t even know it’s not summer!

  3. Actually a great idea. Underground dwellings require no A/C or heat because of temp constancy. Cf. caverns. My question is what about drainage? But if I had a berm or hillock tall enough to place the entrance above ground level while burying the shelter itself that could be an option. The dogs look happy which is all that matters. Nice.

  4. Sounds great until it rains and floods the inside. How do you stop that?

    • Simple…You don’t dig down to do it! You build it at ground level or above and THEN cover it with dirt and grow grass or clover on top of it. I actually raised the ground a bit (about 5″) where the Dog Igloo was placed first…and it’s always dry in there even when it’s raining!

  5. 1:00 smooth af

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