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How to Teach your Dog to Walk on Leash

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  1. Yes! This is what I needed

    • Scyler McFarlane

      January 28, 2017 at 4:35 pm

      He’s posted this video like 4x lol. Still a good video though, and to see it with other dogs. Wish he would get higher energy more reactive dogs on the show. My guy flips out but this was calm as hell compared to what he does.

    • Scyler McFarlane he has video on this topic actually I just saw it there

    • Scyler McFarlane He did do a leash training video with an extremely reactive dog. The dog was going absolutely insane at everything he saw. But, by the end of the 20 minute video he was way better.

  2. Eddie Castrejon

    January 28, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    I need this my dog won’t walk she wants to get carried all the time

  3. my dog literally chokes himself when we go for walks so hopefully I can teach him now

  4. Great video! Awesome to see you showing the path to success in a park with real distractions. Very helpful!

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  5. My dogs pull even if there is nothing around us…

  6. my dog sits, looks at me and keeps barking at my face. it’s kinda weird lmao

  7. — cuddlingcobban

    January 28, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    I am 10 and I trained my golden retriever to do it on my own, he needs a bit of practice but he doesn’t pull as much now 🙂

  8. I need him to do a walking video with a truly unruly dog, Biscuit before any training was already walking fine

    • theresa Mcsherry

      December 5, 2017 at 5:44 pm

      RE VII i have a Shiba also (terrible leash manners still at 3!)…SUCH a sweet boy but i agree, i would love to see this kind of video.

    • The problem I already see with these comments is that you believed that the dog with even a little pulling and sometimes a lot of pulling when around other dogs is okay for the owner. That means you are willing to give in to some pulling… which leads to more pulling because the dog knows if it pulls it will get closer to where it wants to be.,, and more pulling ensues. Now you have a ridiculous dog who is “oh so uncontrollable” and can’t bother with training methods unless they’re impressed by some wizarding dog whisperer on some god awful dog.
      One step at a time, build strong foundations. Make your dog like training, they will be happy to communicate. Don’t do all the steps in one sitting or expect them to be awesome at walking after a few sessions if you already have bad habits built into your dog. Start in your house and always go back a step if the next step doesn’t work.
      The only one who can fail is you, improve your training of the dog and be more consistent training never stops until the dogs passing. Once the dog knows basic obedience it will be a thinking dog and crave more training.

    • ForestHeart ServicePack

      February 22, 2018 at 11:07 pm

      Jericho No., you call almost knocking him over fine? Seriously?

    • Then they should train my dog

    • Sophie Mcdoogal

      April 5, 2018 at 10:20 pm

      I completely agree, like the fact that Biscuit was just sitting there is already unbelievable

  9. I’ve been keeping up with you for the past year my pitbull mix is just amazing thanks to YOU

  10. My dog pulls for no reason what so ever lol

  11. Sebastian Alzate

    January 28, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    im liking cause its a bernese!

    i have 2!!!!!

  12. This dog doesn’t pull at all

    • Rain Stormcloud

      April 4, 2017 at 4:41 am

      did u not notice in the beginning he did state that ur dog should have basics (sit, down etc) completely down before moving it up to walking nice on leash…btw some dogs will never pull it’s just something that happens and u can’t always control it on camera in all scenerios. do u even have a dog? i have a 7mo old deaf Pit Bull who knows all the hand signals for all the basic training steps (sit, down, come, stay, leave it) and i did all that in 2 months by myself. When i got him he knew NOTHING! it takes dedication to ur dog to train them CORRECTLY.

    • Jay R. Bacalando

      October 2, 2017 at 2:01 pm

      Yeah. Plus all the dogs in his videos aren’t really problem dogs. I want to see him with a dog that several “experts” advised to be put down because of extreme behavior. I wan’t to see him with a real problem dog.

    • CyborgNinjaRaiden07 same

  13. I started teaching a stray two days ago using your method. It has been working really well!

    If you have suggestions for introducing a dog to cats that would be helpful.

  14. Zach, my three-month-old puppy is TERRIFIED of bigger dogs. He yelps and hides and occasionally has a little accident due to fear. I’m trying to socialize him gently but it’s very difficult. If you need an idea for a video, maybe you can make one on this topic because I really love your training method!

    • Enzo Voci he is still young, so u dont have to worry too much. I know a lot of people with pups will just carry their puppy around the dog park. Once he starts getting more comfortable around/at the sight of a big dog, show him that the big dogs are not scary!

    • Enzo Voci Im sorry if it doesnt work for you but It worked with my second pup and I see lots of people do it.. just make sure you take him out often (preferrably dog park) and like I said, you dont have to put him down until he becomes confortable 🙂 Good luck!!

    • Thanks for the response. You’re absolutely right a routine is best for my little guy. Unfortunately I can’t carry him because he weigh’s almost 25 lbs at almost 4 months. He’s gonna grow up to be a big guy! 🙂 and yet he is still scared of big dogs! I will take him to dog parks and keep on it to make sure that eventually he is happy! Thanks again! 🙂

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      All dog leash
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    • Enzo Voci gay

  15. I’ve never seen so many stuff on sale in one video. Definitely will stick with Cesar Millan

  16. I need this guide for my German shepherd golden retriever mix who thinks a leash is a toy

  17. Nash The Huskamute

    February 12, 2017 at 3:24 am

    I’m a Huskamute I pull on my human all the time. She’s 12 so she has to run

  18. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    May 20, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    I hope you guys enjoy! Here’s a playlist that will show you how to teach your dog the basics in order: Thanks for subscribing!

    • I like your ideas but it’s more of an avoidance of the problem or even bribery rather that correcting or actually finding a solution to the problem.

    • My dog is the same way he is a huge lab and he use to be good at walking stop walking him for a while and I can nearly walk him I have to train my dog only have 30 days and I’m 12 help please

    • There are many factors in training a dog. One resource I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Bevs Booster Guide (check it out on google) definately the most helpful plan that I have ever seen.look at the super info .

    • Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution I’m not having success with my 3 month old German Shepherd. She is perfect once we are home, but when we go outside that is over. Any tips?? I take her most loved toys, balls and treats. But she only pays attention when she wants to.

    • Hello
      Excuse me
      Mother’s Day specials
      All dog leash
      Sell 2 get 1 free
      Contact us:
      Whatsapp: +79165766095

  19. Okay but can you do a video with a dog that isn’t partially trained and has high prey drive? That dog obviously has more desire to be with you than anything else, it’s just it’s personality. I can tell you, there are a lot of dogs out there who care less about treats, and more about hunting birds at a park because those are a higher-motivation than food in your hand. So show a high-prey drive dog, that is disinterested in treats / toys and then post a video, please. Some dogs aren’t that easily motivated, I’m a trainer to, and try to be more realistic with people.  (oh and before you assume I don’t use positive reinforcement and set dogs up for success, you are 100% wrong, at least you are right about getting the dog to enjoy being with you want wanting to working in a partnership.)

  20. You named your dog Biscuit… I can no longer view this video.

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