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Easy, Dog Trick: How to Teach your Dog to Speak or Bark When you Ask.

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When teaching your canine anything, the goal should be to motivate them to perform the wanted action on their own accord. In general we must avoid making them do things and instead make them WANT to do what it is we ask. "Speak" is an excellent example. No matter how much you desire a pet dog to bark at your request, you can not require them to. For that reason, we must discover a way to encourage them to do this. In this video, I'll reveal you a method to accomplish this!

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  1. can you teach us how to train dogs to attack on command

    • ANONYMOUS GG yes, all 4 of my dogs know the words of halt, bite her/him with u pointing at the person and come back (name)

    • THAT is a very unnatural thing for a dog! VERY unnatural! EVEN for dogs bred for it! In trying to teach it I am guessing most people trying to encourage anger/fight in their dog have it BACKFIRE on them …the dog tends to go after YOU rather than the one you intend him to is a bizarre thing ….btw ask me how I know this! (when I was very young and STUPID I tried with multiple dogs) It is a HORRIBLE STUPID way to teach a dog unless he going to be JUST a guard dog….like a totally non social DANGEROUS classic “junkyard dog” …police training (anschutz) makes it a total fn game for the dog ..there is not even association with anger/fight …its originally ONLY a game …they start with heavily padded suits with the arm as the “toy” and only when THAT is completely utterly mastered so the dog will reliably STOP on command would anyone with a functioning brain switch over to the hard arm armour that LOOKS like an unprotected arm ….EVEN with that many dogs tend to get so crazy with the game that they get so caught up in the moment they become deaf to the release command…you can easily find video of handlers trying to physically get their k9 partner to LET FRICKEN GO of a suspect! …Dogs will do MASSIVE tissue damage to a persons unprotected arm! ONE screw up and you are subject to big time law suit AND the city or county killing your best friend all because of what you thought would be cool ….contrary to Hollywood dogs are not people …they do not “get it” like movies would have one believe….I strongly advise anyone to drop the whole idea ….I mean unless you are a cop or in business providing trained dogs ….in which case you would NOT be on youtube …you would be at some anschutz academy or club or whatever professional training services….

  2. My dog just snatched the treat from me. He NINJA JUMPED AND GRABBED THE BOLOGNA.

  3. My dogs never bark… I stand here for over an hour with cheese in my hand :p

  4. Elizabeth E. Cooney

    October 27, 2014 at 4:00 am

    It’s completely shameful whenever your puppy keeps jumping on people.

    • Elizabeth E. Cooney

      October 27, 2014 at 4:02 am

      In fact, puppies have their unique way to think, and if you would like to teach your dog advanced lessons and tricks, you need to be aware of the secrets behind their behavior, uncover herer:

    • No it’s not.

    • You got that right! And it is SO easy to teach a dog not to but people are too “kind” (they think) …a simple knee to the solar plexus on a big dog will quickly teach the dog to stop this dangerous and unwelcome behavior …just need to be done a few times by multiple people …one good knee right as they jump up….yes it is a tiny bit painful but the point is they THEN are not going to knock frail people down and ruin clothing etc or get you SUED by someone for very real injuries! Insurance companies are NOTORIOUS for cancelling homeowner insurance after a single lawsuit where a dog injures someone …and guess what? Insurance companies ALL talk to each other! Basically it could well be the dog will have to go after such ….so NOW how much did that simple little correction “hurt” a dog if it is not going to lose it’s home because YOU allowed it to become a “dangerous animal”?? I get so mad at people that allow their dogs to jump on people and REFUSE to even allow someone to quickly stop their dog! My neighbor’s dog did it bad and I asked and they let me fix him ….it took literally like ONE knee bump and he would NEVER jump on me again EVER (dogs are SMART like that) and then the owner saw how it worked and they duplicated it and the dog absolutely ceased the behaviour permanently …he was not injured at all, there was no hard feelings he still liked everyone etc …dogs correct one another all the time …they totally EXPECT to be corrected if they cross boundaries …and it is always done with fellow canines via the physical communication …they understand it…they “get” it …a low powered knee punt is not going to injure a healthy young dog AT ALL …it is just communication re boundaries is all…

  5. I tried this trick with my German Spitz who is REALLY quiet and i thought it was hopeless after 40 minutes. then i remembered that when i go to bed he starts barking a bit because he wants to get on the bed too. so i got on the bed while holding the treats and i started saying the word “bark” while he was trying to get up, he barked so i gave him a treat then he barked again and i gave him another treat. we did this 6-7 times and then i got of the bed and told him to bark and he did!!! now he barks on command. the point here is, if your dog does not bark after a long time of trying try to remember when is he barking and use it as a starting point.

  6. It doesn’t work with my gsd. After a couple of minutes of licking a scratching my hand he just lies down and stops bagging.

    • +Anjali Donn little kid always have to be offensive when they know they lost the argument. +vagosmania​ jumped in the conversation just like you did, or you think you are the only one who can do it?
      I already told you, if your parents let you use the phone, go ahead and call the cops. Show me who i messed with, because so far I’m convinced I messed with a young spoiled girl.

    • +Gigi Pizzuto Dude u rekt him.. ;-;

    • Use something different. and be more exciting he/she probably got bored.

    • +Emily Petik thank you. after struggling using a stuffed animal he was scared of, now he got it. he actually is reaching the level to bark with eye command. if i look him intensively without saying anything after a while he barks…the time he waits gets always shorter. sometimes he doesn’t feel like barking so when i tell him speak he whines and makes a noise that resemble a nooo. of course I’m not humanize him, he just complains in his way lol


      March 27, 2017 at 5:18 pm

      same here

  7. U seem more hyper than ur dog….

  8. My dogs to polite -.- ive been trying to get her to do it for the past 30 mins all she does is scratch and bite my fingers for the treat

  9. Well, my dog speaks as it is. Con you do a video on “quiet”? 🙂

    • Yes vocal dogs are a pain in the ARSE! I was SO sorry I allowed my dogs to learn they might get me to serve them if they barked! Like you say some dogs are just naturals at this…likely learned it from other dogs …in that manner it does not take much for them to understand the concept…BAD “trick” actually ….I highly recommend NOT encouraging it!

  10. I really like how you train without the use of shock collars and such. I swear, you are like the only one.

  11. Are you on cocaine or something?

    • +TheGamingSpot HD piece*

    • +Toxic Peach
      The way he teaches them is actually really good, that he is so energetic makes the dog pay more attention 🙂
      Simply cause hes exciting!

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      then you Should check out this website
      I personally tried it and it very helpful that’s why I am recommending this
      website to all……….

    • Toxic Peach Beautiful dog but yeah he probably sniffin that white girl

  12. teach my dog how to do calculus on command

  13. PrancingWildfire

    February 7, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    What if my dog will not bark whatsoever no matter what? ;-;

  14. Can you at least respond to comments!!

  15. My dog only barks when i’m holding a treat.

  16. My dog doesn’t bark at all no matter what. He is always quiet. I can’t teach him. Any help?

  17. what if i dont have a clicker???

  18. When I say bark, he is quiet….. But when I say stop Barking he barks even louder._.

  19. I love the passion and the emotions he puts in his work. Thank you for thesr tips😊

  20. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    May 20, 2017 at 4:39 pm

    I hope you guys enjoy! Here’s a playlist that will show you how to teach your dog the basics in order: Thanks for subscribing!

    • Frisk /chara the fallen human

      August 10, 2017 at 4:45 pm

      Cuse I want my chiwawa to howl

    • my dog is very good then that but I like it to rook it🐶🐶🐶🐶

    • I began when my mini aussie was 8 weeks I think puppy  learns fast and easy. Just remember to be patient. Say command and wait. They need time to think until they really focus on you. My dog knows everything he does from Zac’s video’s. I had to edit and add potty on command and sit pretty. Potty comes in handy in Utah it’s so cold. I simply treated after each pee and potty and said good boy go potty outside or pee outside. No one will believe it until I show them and he will try and if he can go on command. 
      I never trained just these video’s and a smart pup

    • howling or “singing” as we call it can sometimes be easily taught by simply mimicking the sound yourself …if you can hit the right pitch they naturally tend to want to join in and harmonize to the same pitch …Use a hand signal (I use my hand as a dog mouth the pressed together figures as the tob “jaw” and the thumb as the bottom and slowly open and close angled up like a wolf would do it’s own head howling at the same time …the vocal command might end up just making the sound “Yowie” or whatever sounds like the start of a howling session …very funny if someone starts singing to covertly command the family dog to howl as if the singing hurts it’s ears or something …we had a female dog that LOVED the trick! She would go on singing for a long time! But as much as she loved it ? We had more senior alpha female that HATED the youngster getting the attention and she would actually attack her! Funny thing was that the this apha dog was TOTALLY blind! She just homed in on the noise gowling mad every time! She was on a mission to kill! But would SHE learn the trick herself? hell no!

    • Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution maybe you can make a video with out a clicker

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