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BARKBOX vs BULLYMAKE vs PAWPACK | Unboxing | Reviews

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Hello Guys! Today I am unboxing 3 monthly subscription for my Pepper. Comparing Barkbox to BullyMake to Pawpack.
Barkbox is for November; Bullymake and Pawpack are from September.

Barkbox – Themed, good for dogs that like to shred things, you can provide notes for Barkbox of any allergies, if your dog is a heavy chewer or not, and just about anything else. Totally worth the value. I LOVE getting these and Pepper does, too.

BullyMake – I also really love this box. It is made for heavy chewers like Pepper, most of these toys do LAST a lot longer then most of the other toys she gets. No toy last forever! Totally worth the value.

Pawpack – A huge disappointment and NOT worth the money.

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► BullyMake Link – ◄
Use code Pepper10 to get $10 off your first subscription.

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Get Available Barkbox Bonus Offers and Coupon Code Here!!!


  1. Pepper is so cute! xoxo

  2. The bark box toys are super adorable this month! 🙂

  3. Barkbox now had a super chewer box. You should check it out. just subscribed for my dog and he got his first box and loved it! they will replace any toys that your dog destroys which is great!

    • Pepper is a part of the Destroyers Club but it looks like this month they put her in the Super Chewer Club for some reason.  I’ll have to contact them to let them know I prefer the Destroyers club as she loves to shred her toys and already gets the heavy duty toys from BullyMake.

  4. Kendra Girard

    May 2, 2017 at 5:35 pm

    i love your dog♡ rotts are my weakness

    • Kendra Girard awww…thank you! She is such a sweetheart and it is sad so many see all rotties as vicious.

  5. Poor kitty kitty kitty…nothing for her!

  6. we live by a local mom and pop style pet store which is better compared to petsmart/petco. but if we didn’t we’d probably try one of these pet boxes. My dog Mercy’s food is Lamb and brown rice flavored. Her favorite treats are snap peas and sweet potato mixed with peanutbutter and oatmeal. it’s a bit pricey still i’ll admit so sometimes a can of sardines or chick peas is perfect Or she just eats pecans and pears out of the pecan/pear trees. when chicken livers/gizzards and hearts are on sale we get those as well.

    • Both my pups eat Purina Pro Plan.  Usually once or twice a week they get boiled chicken with rice.  They get frozen fruits like watermellon or frozen green beans as treats.  Of course they also get all these monthly boxes but I honestly give away more then half the treats I get.  I wish there was a mom and pop type shop near us!  It sounds like your pups are spoiled; as they should be.

  7. Melanie MacDonald

    September 20, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    I started with bark box and they have a tougher line for toys if your dog destroys them, then i found bully make, which my 70lb puppy was destroying their toys in within a couple of days and they actually have an even tougher line too. they’ve upped my dog to say that hes 140lbs to accommodate his chewing! very happy with bullymake

    • Melanie MacDonald BarkBox does have their SuperChewer option; which, in my opinion is questionable because a few of their toys are made of a cheap soft rubber that can become a choking hazard which is why I requested to stay with their defluffer toys because Pepper enjoys the destruction. She has the Bullymake and she has only successfully destroyed 2 of their toys which were replaced for free. Both companies has great customer service and support.

    • Melanie MacDonald

      September 20, 2017 at 9:32 pm

      ya same. my most recent bully make is actually being replaced because he chewed them up. yes i agree the customer service is outstanding for both. the only reason i may prefer barkbox instead is that you can choose either a one time box or pay upfront for a subscription. bully make surprised me with a charge the following month that i wasn’t expecting but they’ve since rectified it. i prefer to spoil on my own terms. 🙂

    • Melanie MacDonald

      September 20, 2017 at 9:34 pm

      i should also mention I’m also from Canada and i buy these companies because we don’t really have anything that compares!

    • I actually found a Canadian Sub Box!! Check out or on Instagram

  8. LoL…”Sorry About My Sac”…LoL

  9. Your dog is so spoiled! Lucky girl:) I spoil mine too.

  10. The cat just hangin out watching XD

  11. The cat is just watching from behind like “Hooman, where is my box?” LOL

  12. Got a bully make ad before the video, lol. Didn’t know they had all these different monthly subscriptions. I was checking on the barkbox for a chihuahua. I will watch your full video and see which one is better.

    • Nick besides the ones in this video, there are dozens of others. My choice will always be BarkBox and Bullymake box. I get both as it fits my dogs different joys. She loves to defluff the BarkBox toys and Bullymake toys last so she has toys to always play with.

  13. Graciella Nichole

    June 16, 2018 at 6:37 am

    How ca i get a bark box

  14. Awwww the cat is behind all like “anything for me?”

    • So many point out my cat Angel in the background. She gets spoiled with catnip but she has never been big on toys so a monthly cat subscription would be a waste. Thanks for watching.

  15. I LOVE that Pepper loves her new chew toy! But that sound would drive me crazy! My dogs Greyson and Creed would do the same thing with that toy. the louder the toy the more they chew. haha. I just got them the bullymake box so i am excited to see how they like it.

    • Thomas Henderson oh it drives me nuts but whatever keeps her happy! Any soft toy with a squeaker, Pepper will chew open until she gets it out and will spend hours playing with just the little squeaker. Hope your pups enjoy BullyMake as much as mine do.

  16. why doesn’t any one ever Mention the actual Price? Is there some shameful secret? Love the review though very detailed but if you mention VALUE please mention the actual price.

    • Bluesidian thank you for the positive feedback, this was one of my first YouTube videos and I have added price in a few of my videos. Typically people look at prices on their own but these are all around the same price.

    • You’re forgiven handsome .

  17. I got this one subscription and it was really good but I could have gotten more stuff cheaper. It was PetTreater but they gave some good stuff. The toys weren’t as durable and the treats were like for a small dog. I got two squeaky toys, 1 bag of treats, a really small bag of treats, a container with the stuff to make puppy icecream with and that worked out really good and a bag that said “my home is where my puppy is” and a silcone tray to make your own dog treats which are made out of people food only. So it was a pretty good box, it’s just that those toys are not for pitbulls. I really liked the ice cream thing and the the silicone tray that are shaped like puppy paws and you just get the stuff and mash it up and put it in it and freeze it for an hour.

  18. The main problem was my dog’s were crazy about the stuff for about 5 minutes and then it was over.

    • Niki Reynolds that sounds about right for most cloth style toys but that is the purpose of the toys. They get the natural enjoyment of destroying their prey while all your stuff is left alone. Also, why I get BullyMake subscription.

  19. The box I got which was PetTreater was pretty good but the treats were way too small

  20. Id be worried about the white eyes coming off and being a choking hazards on that blue lobster looking toy

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