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BarkBox Unboxing September 2014

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Penny and I unbox the September Bark Box! You can grab your own Bark Box subscription at

P.O. Box:
Rooster Teeth
c/o Meg Turney
1901 E. 51st St.
Bungalow A
Austin, TX 78723

Music by Heartbeat Riot (@heartbeatriot):

Social Media Sites:
Twitter: @megturney

Get Available Barkbox Bonus Offers and Coupon Code Here!!!


  1. 1:09 Penny bit on the pump fake.

  2. It’s my birthday today. I love you Meg.

  3. Are you and Gavin going to do a video together? It’s worth the wait.

  4. ‘Murican Duck

  5. Animals have more sensitive hearing that humans. The noise of vacuums and hair driers literally hurts their ears from my understanding.

  6. I’m soooo glad you’re not getting as much hate on the know as you use to get. I think you’re amazingly talented and funyy but there’s always gonna be assholes.

  7. Does the kitty not get any love?? πŸ™

  8. The hair looks awesome in a Beanie! Love the new look Meg!

  9. go back to sitting on the floor! feels more welcoming than sitting on the chair, you and penny seem so far away πŸ™

  10. The deal with it being specifically AMERICUHHHN duck is that a) it’s supposed to give you confidence that it’s been produced to a regulatory standard that you can feel safe about giving it to your dog and b) it indicates that it hasn’t had to travel inter-continentally and thereby has a marginally better carbon footprint (although as the US is a massive place, b) isn’t quite as pertinent). Either way, I like your pets and enjoy the bark box videos; keep ’em coming!

  11. I had a house mate a year ago and she had a mini dachshund. We were buds (the dog and I).Β  As soon as I find a landlord that is fine with pups, I’m going to adopt one.

  12. Has Penny had any problems with her back? I have a mini dachshund and we’ve recently had a back scare.

  13. Penny’s so well-behaved. Such a cutie!

  14. The Sean Ward Show

    September 20, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    Hell, that dog is cute

  15. My parents’ boxer hates baths and the blowdryer but loves playing in the kiddie pool (Mom bought him one of those plastic ones for those hot Texas summers) while their chihuahua/pomeranian mix hates any and all water but loves the blowdryer. Dogs are weird.

  16. Penny is adorable! I want to have my own wiener dog some day.

  17. Daschunds! yaaay i instantly like everyone who has a Dachie :3

  18. … If only I had a dog to get a Bark Box for ;___; SO ADORABLE.

  19. I always found it funny that dogs know when something is for them.

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