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Akoma Hound Heater Deluxe – Dog House Furnace

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The Akoma Hound Heater Deluxe is a dog house furnace to keep your outdoor dog warm.

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  1. Thermometer right on top of the heater? That doesn’t really tell us anything about heating the doghouse.

    • It is too dark inside a doghouse to film the video without the use of an extensive lighting system, which I did not have when I filmed this video. The video was designed to give people an idea of the heater’s power, without risking safety. The heater produces enough heat to drive the thermometer from 24 degrees F to 80 F degrees in 3 minutes. Obviously it will take longer to heat a doghouse, but once the unit is turned on, it will easily bring the temperature up and maintain it at a comfortable level inside an enclosed dog house If the unit was too powerful, it would be too expensive to operate on a daily basis for most people’s budget.

  2. Can you adjust the temperature on this heater ?

  3. A 200 or 400 watt ceramic fan forced heater wired to a 120 volt line voltage thermostat works much better for about 40 bucks. Foam board insulation is the key in any heated dog house. Then a good door to keep out the wind.

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